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Events & Meetings

Any social or corporate event in mind can be hosted at the Santa Fe Hotel facilities. In addition to offering accommodation for groups of up to 165 people, our Camargo City event venue has capacity of 450 people in theater seating arrangement, and the backyard of 550 people. Both spaces are suited for the celebration of conferences, banquets, civil and religious weddings, special breakfasts, coffee breaks and business events.

Facilities for Weddings, Events & Meetings

Los Filtros 60 pax 9.23 m 6.10 m
Lago Colina 120 pax 13.10 m 11.20 m
Gran Salón 372 pax 31.30 m 26.52 m
Backyard 550 pax 23.50 m 46.70 m

*Capacities in banquet seating arrangement.

Additionally, Santa Fe Business & Family Hotel features catering services that include:

  • Basic service without food
  • Snacks and coffee break (simple and continual)
  • Banquets from 1 to 4 courses and buffet
  • Breakfasts: 1 to 4 courses and buffet
  • We manage special diets too