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Explore Camargo City

Camargo City, Chihuahua, best known as “La Perla de Conchos” because of its geographic location, has a generous human and natural wealth that allows its visitors to enjoy a city that has it all: temples, plazas, gardens, recreational areas, parks, monuments and historical places.

It’s also called “Birthplace of Artists” as it is the place where some outstanding characters of the arts and culture world have been born, including: Socorro Bonilla, Maria Sorte, Aaron Hernan and other actors, Lucha Villa and Roberto Bañuelas when it comes to singing and David Alfaro Siqueiros in painting.

Today, Camargo City has very diverse sceneries and monuments that pay homage to its children as they promote the local talent.

Some of the historical attractions in Camargo City, are:

  • The Parish of Santa Rosalia, a church with baroque style architecture.
  • Juarez Plaza (central), which represents the center of the city and is where the City Hall offices are located.
  • The Public Clock, which is also a place to visit by local, national and international visitors.
  • The Hidalgo Plaza, a place full of history and a gathering spot for families on weekends.
  • The Abraham Gonzalez Market, where all kind of products are sold every day.
  • The Historical Train Station, a construction with vestiges of the Mexican Revolution era. The state of Chihuahua has memories of heroic revolutionaries that participated in this important movement.
  • The Murals of the Municipal Building are a cultural value for Camargo City, the state of Chihuahua and all Mexico.
  • The Lighthouse of Camargo City is a unique construction. It’s located in the northern access of the city and it’s a monument built as a symbol of the “road guide of the pilgrims”.

Traditionally, Camargo City is a place people must pass through when they’re heading to the north side of the country.